About Us

MyHome was established out of passion and created organically. Over the past 25 years our founder Carrie Larose has run many businesses and held executive positions mainly in retail and hospitality. During her time in the hospitality business she has been involved in building hotels, renovating and redesigning hotel rooms and residential properties, sourcing products, choosing the correct d├ęcor and product for functionality and design and finally giving the customer the best quality and a reasonable and fair price.

Over that time, she has also renovated and given over 23 homes a new fresh appearance taking homes from drab to a remarkable highly functional place people can call home.

There are many parts to making a home a home. One is having great functionality in all that you touch daily and the other is personal style that makes a home uniquely you. MyHome is here for you! We care high quality items that will work within your lifestyle and we hope that our products make your life more comfortable.


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