The first days and how it began

A flurry of activity has been happening since July 2017 when this great adventure started.

You know the old saying “When one door closes, another opens” well that exactly what happened and I leaped at that open door. My husband worked for a logistics company and their only client was Sears. Sears decided that it did not make sense to keep this centre in Calgary Alberta where we live so they were closing the operations. In the end, he was going to be out of a job ☹

In speaking with Sears Brent (my husband) discovered that they did not want to move this product and wanted to sell it off locally. Specifically, Division 24 (curtains and blinds). This division was extremely large and there would be huge start up cost to get it going. In the end, I did not believe I could generate all the capital needed within the short time fame Sears needed. Sears at this point decided to break up the division and sell it off in smaller pieces. Yippy, I can handle that.

In July, I successfully obtained 1/6th of the original inventory. (which is still massive) as seen here.

So, it began…

I secured a few storage facilities, a small warehouse space, help to move it all and a large truck to transport it all.

All in all, it took weeks to move the product and for me to learn how to maneuver large “gaylord” boxes stuffed full of product off the truck and into our new space. We erected industrial shelving, new lighting, and security. Finally came time to put the product away; 29 boxes in total and each box took 1 full day to unload.

The real touch stuff came when we had to unload the blinds as many of them a wood they are quite heavy leaving me exhausted (as seen in the picture), battered and bruised for a couple of weeks. ALL worth it though 😉

At this point in time I am going through each of the products doing inventory, creating descriptions, creating collections and identifying the variation to each product in regards o colour and sizes.

There are over 5000 curtains and blinds so please come back and look frequently as I am always adding inventory as I get through it.

To end this post, I would like to give a shout out to my mother Bonnie Nelson. My mom has been so helpful! Every day I need her she shows up and helps me in every way she can and I really have needed that second person- THANK YOU MOM

from MyHome to yours

Carrie Larose

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